Huel (Social) Gathering?

So after @Dln1965 jokingly offered to share a bowl of Huel granola with me after he gets a free box of granola from @/brummydan

I was wondering—just gauging interest, who’d be up for Huel picnic/lunch gathering where we sit around and drink Huel together like a cult (and/or finally put usernames to faces)? :raised_hands::rofl:

I’ll be in London from 22-25 June so I’m down for that to happen! (especially since the Huel team said they’re not doing the Huel Social this year :frowning: )

Comment with your general location if interested! :smiley:


Surrey, but travel to London for work
Could be interested depending on shifts :+1:

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I’m in Birmingham :smile:

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I work in London - up for it. :slight_smile:

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