Any London Huelers for interview?


I’m currently writing an essay for my undergraduate degree in Anthropology looking at packaged food and how this relates to how we perceive and position ourselves within our environment. I’ve heard a lot about Huel, and live with some people who drink it regularly, but was wondering if there was anyone else I could talk to in London about their experiences drinking it.

Huel is especially interesting to me because of its visual removal from identifiable ingredients within the package coupled with its clear external information and hence acquired knowledge of complete nutritional value.

The interview will not take long, will be semi structured and can take place in a location convenient for you.
I will provided a consent form and information sheet and you will be able to withdraw at any time.

If you are interested in taking part please feel free to contact me on to arrange a time to meet.

Thanks so much!!!

If you can settle for Skype/Google hangouts and need an extra, then let me know?