Researching Huel for a masters degree

Hi fellow Hueligans!

I’m currently doing some research for my MA in Food Anthropology, social rather than scientific, and my dissertation is all about Huel. I have been a Hueligan for a few months now myself and I’m looking to conduct some very informal interviews (most likely virtually) about peoples experiences on Huel (all personal details will remain anonymous of course and you would all be able to read my final project if you so wished). Please comment if you would like to take part in this project! Thanks :grinning:

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I’d be happy to contribute. :+1:

When you’re done be sure to share the final published piece here, we’d love to see it! All the best!

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Fantastic, you can add me on Facebook or Instagram searching under Chris Devas, then I can message to let you know the details! Thanks!

Happy to share once its all finished!

Connected on Instagram and sent message.

I’d consider being a participant.

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Hi - connected on Insta and would be happy to help

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Sure! I’d love to! G
How do I contact you?

Just started using yesterday. Never tried anything like this before. Lived a very unhealthy life before now, trying to make some positive change. Am willing to be a guinea pig test subject if needed. Overweight, ex alcoholic, 49 years young.

I would help, too.