We'd like to interview you for BBC World Serivce

Hey all of you!

Anyone here fancy being interviewed by BBC World Service about Huel? It’s for radio and they want to chat with someone that uses Huel for convenience in the week.

  • Ideally London based

  • They’d need to come around your place to record

  • It would be in office hours

  • They want to do it on Wednesday(!)

Any of you interested in that? Drop me an email ASAP if you are (tim@huel.com), would be great to get you involved! We would be forever grateful!


Just bumping this one up! Would anyone like to help us out answering some of the BBC’s questions? We could potentially do a telephone call but ideally this would be in person.

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I’m not London based and sadly working all day :frowning:

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I am also not London based and not available tomorrow. :-1:

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Thanks for that vital input pal :stuck_out_tongue: