Calling all Huelers! Do you want to be in our promo video?

If you are free for an hour tomorrow afternoon in the London area then get in contact with me on

It will just be a casual interview about your experience with Huel and there’ll be plenty of Huel to get your hands on. Ideally we need a couple of female Huelers to come along so don’t be shy and get in touch!


I don’t think I’d pass as a female Hueler with the beard. :frowning:

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Aww, that would have been fun! I am in Glasgow though. :smiley_cat:

If I came on the forum sooner I would have so been up for this!!.. though duhh I’m not female…

I always rather liked that Julian is the person on the front page. It’s good to see someone who actually uses Huel and has not been air-brushed into oblivion advertising the product. The effect is more sincere.

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