Huels advertisement

I have been using huel for just over a week now and have found myself explaining about it to a lot of people, while some are sceptical I do have a lot of people interested in the product. Is there any leaflets/business cards I could be sent to give out? I enjoy promoting products and huel is something I think people should be made aware of.
Thanks, Harry. :slight_smile:

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Hey Harry,

The only thing we have really are the A4 thank you cards you get with the order. If you want them to hand out I can help with that, but I’m not sure if that is ideal!

You should include 5 or 10 ‘business cards’ with every order so that people who are questioned by colleagues or family can 1) hand this card to them to explain what Huel is and 2) it’s a form of free / cheap advertising.


Good idea @nykampmp we will certainly consider it.

Yeah i would happily advertise Huel around york for free, its such a great product that id like to see get a lot more popular :slight_smile:

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I’m happy to dish out Huel gluten free cards!!

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Could their be a video on YouTube we could send people to when asking questions. With explanations about it all.

We are working on a new video.

In the meantime here is a customer’s video which explains Huel really well:

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They’re sceptical because there are so many juice, smoothie and body-building powders and juices out there. Most of which are just poison - it’s what people already know so the defacto starting point.