Huel business cards


would it be possible to have some branded (business) cards, with the website address on etc for handing out?

maybe even referral codes :wink:


A good way forward I think. If someone asks you what youโ€™re drinking, and you explain what it is and they seem interested, give them a card with a referral link on it.

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@SophieMarketingHuel - Are there any plans in the future to consider referral fees etc? Not in a JuicePlus/MLM style way, just a way of maybe X referrals gets you a free weeks worth or something?

@AndrewBerry we are currently testing a referral scheme. I will be in touch.

Thanks, I would be interested in this if you need any assistance in testing.

This sounds like a great idea, Iโ€™m often asked what Iโ€™m drinking :slight_smile:

@Sid_Neelson Hi Sid, would you be interested in trialing the referral scheme as well? Drop me a message to if so! Thanks.

Hi @SophieMarketingHuel, is there room for one more on the trial?