I'm not even sure if this is allowed (oops) 🤭

So I had an idea that could help bring new people into the Huel family but I’m not even sure if it’s allowed. I created a facebook group in which people, unsure of whether to buy huel or not, can join and click on my refer a friend link and post their own. Obviously the more people that join the group and post their refer a friend link and invite new people in, the more people are going to want to take the plunge. This will help get us all £10 off when newcomers join the group and it will make the Huel team more money too. There’s only so many people I know I can invite, but I want the world to know. I think it can benefit everyone involved if it get’s the green light.

The facebook group is called “Huel Friends” and if it’s not allowed we can always just use it as an extra platform to befriend one another.

@Julian is this allowed?

There is already a thread for people to post their refer a friend links on the official Huel Facebook page. I’d imagine they prefer people to use that.

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Oh I never knew, I’ll keep the post up. More advertisement via a different page can’t harm, can it? But thanks for the heads up!