Refer a friend scam

Hi all, after 3 weeks I am still waiting on my discount for refer a friend. Keep showing Congratulations, you’ll get €10 off your first order and when I try to complete the order it says Sorry, there’s a delay processing your reward, your request is currently being reviewed.
I want to know has anyone got this or is it some kind of scam.

Yeah it works as long as the friend you referred is in the same country as you and doesn’t live at the same address.
Sometimes it doesn’t go through automatically - not really sure why.
Email them and they will send you your code manually.

It’s no scam, ma’am.

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Wait what, the person has to live in the same country?

I live in a country of 1.3 million people and I go to Helsinki almost every week for work meetings as it is only 80km away from my city in a neighbouring country.

In the age of the EU and the Schengen zone it is odd that there’s such a limitation. I have given my referral link (of a different complete good company) to 3 people who don’t live in the same country as me but they’re my friends and we still meet up quite often.

@KarlBerg did it work for you / them? The referal discount?
I have a friend that’s works in Holland and I was unable to refer him, and other friends in other countries - it didn’t work for them either.

I agree that it would be great if it did work! Many of us have friends, family and colleagues in different countries. I think it’s purely a website logistical issue - each country has a different webstore with different products, currencies, prices and shipping rates etc so it’s not possible to use a code created in the U.K. store for example, in an EU store, as they aren’t linked up.

I gave them the referral link of a Huel’s competitor and there were no problems with them living in a different country.

Huel is quite expensive compared to the competitors, especially for Europeans as we pay about 14% more for the powder compared to people in the UK. So nobody has been interested in Huel as there are considerably cheaper (and okay) alternatives.

I found Huel because my previous favourite company made their product too water-like and smooth, it didn’t feel like food anymore. Meanwhile Huel has a nice and thick texture after staying in the fridge for a night.

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If you want to refer Dutch people, let me know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Taking into account sub discounts and different quantities, Huel is actually one of the less expensive brands for me.
Only one would be less expensive regardless of discounts and I don’t really like their products.

I live in The Netherlands.


Now with the price increase, it will be about 35% more expensive compared to products with a similar macro and nutrient profile.

I like Huel but now I might just have it for breakfast while I use other products for lunch (and sometimes dinner if I am really exhausted). Right now I have used Huel for breakfast and lunch, I usually cook a proper dinner at home.

The biggest political party in the EU parliament representing Britain is the Brexit party. It won by a massively overwhelming majority.

Our potential is limitless we make our own limitations

Oh right, I completely forgot that Brits have a superiority complex because everybody speak English as the lingua franca. As an European I deserve to pay over 13% more for Huel as I don’t live on the greatest island among the most magnificent people to ever exist. :slight_smile:

…If you put it like that, then yeah this feels like buying something from the Third Reich and paying more because I’m not German. :joy:

Hueligans, please let me know if my humour crosses any boundaries.


I’m not the best person to ask.


It’s not so much that they have to be in the same country but they do have to use the same Huel website as you and, for whatever reason, Huel have spun out separate websites for each area they sell in.

A lot of other Complete Foods sell via a single website so referring is easier. You give a code and a link to a .com and they use it. With Huel, if I refer someone using my account on the UK site, but they buy from the US one, there’s no way to marry the two up.

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I thought that at least people in the EU are using the same website. The website that I use is

The location is set to my country but the website link doesn’t reflect that.

I don’t think so. At the very least there’s also

de. huel. com
se. huel. com

Serving some European customers.

Thanks @Tristan you explained it much better than me!

Ha I hadn’t read your second reply saying the same thing! I must remember to read the full threads before typing.

It’s odd to have an EU site and then also separate websites serving specific subsets of Europeans, but it’s almost certainly to do with not showing people the “wrong” pricing. Does make referring people problematic though, and I wonder how many different forums they have to keep an eye on.

I’ll be doing the math sometime this week when I have time for it.
This will be for the prices of Dutch customers, don’t what countries pay the same.