Refer a friend

Hi everyone. So my mother signed up using my refer a friend which was done saturday. The transaction for the 10 discount for me is still saying pending on my account. Mams recieved her order Sunday. Just wondering when it will give me then £10 off properly??


When you buy something, it should show £10 off at checkout. Is it ten though? I thought it was £5

No it says 10 pending on my account. I thought if it says pending I cant use it yet? But it’s been pending for 4 days now

Hmmm not sure sorry. Perhaps email to confirm. In general this forum is for us Huelers to chat amongst ourselves rather than to be used as a customer service platform but @Tim_Huel or @Dan_Huel might be able to give you a quick response on here

I understand that as I do post in here for other things but seem to get no joy from emails. Thanks for the replies :blush:

It’s definitely £10. Usually you have to click on the link in your account, next to the valid referal, and that sends you an email. Click on the email and that will pop up a window giving you a code which you can then apply to your basket or to an existing subscription.

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Thank you
It still says pending. I cant click on anything to get a code. The only thing I can do is refer other people.

I would email and ask them to send you a code :slight_smile: