Referred a friend and didnt get£10

I referred a friend to huel by email and he went on to purchase it and got his £10 off but i never received mine. I contacted help and they said he must of purchased it with a different email, but he certainly used the referral code and got his discount which means i am the referrer. Huel are holding back and not giving me the referral bonus which is so cheap and tacky. I will never reccommend anyone to their products again. Has this happened to anyone else?

It’s a bit strong saying ‘I will never recommend anyone to their products again’ ?

I’m sure Huel as a company are shaking in their boots if you won’t recommend their products !
There are 10,000s if people worldwide who definitely WOULD recommend ANY of their products (well maybe I wouldn’t recommend coffee huel … as I don’t like it !)

It could have been an oversight? Misspelling of the referer? Perhaps your friend didn’t fill in the details correctly?

I’m sure Tim will be along shortly and address your situation, promptly and satisfactory… Then you can start recommending the company again ??

This has happened to me as well, while its a tad frustrating, I won’t stop recommending Huel. Why? Because the product is great, and so are the people working at Huel.


Im not saying theyre shaking in their boots. They’ve certainly lost my trust and its not strong at all. Why would i reccommend them. And nothing was mis-spelled, i contacted support and they said he used a different email even though he used my code. I cant wait for an alternative product that is just as good!

Hey Jacob, thanks for the message and for raising this. I’ll just reiterate what we’ve been saying to you via email as perhaps it wasn’t too clear. Here is how the referral system works:

  • You refer a friend - thank you!
  • Your friend confirms this referral with an email address
  • Your friend then receives a code - this code is unique but can actually be used by any first time customer
  • Your friend purchases using this code and gets £10 off
  • So long as they use the same email address as they confirmed with this will be a confirmed referral and you will then receive your £10 reward!

In your case, the code has been used but hasn’t been linked with your account, likely because the email address used by the referred customer is not the same as the one they confirmed with. For example people often create a unique Huel email address. This means that to us, your code could have been shared and used by anyone.

Now, the only information we need is the email address of your friend they used to confirm the code with and we can link it all up!

I’m sorry that this has clearly left a sour taste in your mouth. We certainly aren’t cheap but equally we can’t just hand out discount codes, but I really want this to work, so if you could just confirm the correct email with Emilija via email it would be amazing!

Sorry for the issues with this, hopefully we can work this out. Equally if any of our assumptions are incorrect then I am truly sorry and I’ve no doubt we will sort it out.

Thanks for the response, what i dont understand is why you care who shares or uses the referral code? If it comes from me and i am referring people to your product then i dont see what difference it makes. I accept im not going to get what i want but im equally not going to chase down what email my friend used.

Consider the matter closed

That’s somewhere between a little and extremely surprising to be honest.

I refer a fair few people and I’d love a bit more info on why a mismatched email address should mean that the user of an refer-a-friend code should get the discount but the provider of said code shouldn’t get the reward for bringing someone new in?

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It’s just the way the system works, it pairs them together. We’re trying to help you @Jacob, it’s just an email address, are you sure you couldn’t just ask your friend?

Edit: I totally agree with you too, sorry I didn’t make that clear. Why should it matter if Mate #1 or Mate #2 uses your code, you should still get the discount. But it’s just the way the system works, I’m really sorry.

Same problem here too - just emailed the team. Thanks Tim.

I appreciate your help and realise its a system issue but as i said im not going to do that. Id accept a unique one off £10 discount code but the incentive to refer people in thr future has gone from my perspective.


Option 1. Ask “friend” for email address and get £10
Option 2. Post rant on forum calling company cheap then ask for discount for free



Its not a discount for free, i referred someone and should have the £10. I cant see why its unreasonable to expect that.

Not to be a pain @Tim_Huel, but if i can call your attention to the sharing page:

For every friend who buys Huel (over £40) via your unique referral link, we’ll give you both £10 off!

There is no mention of the friend having to confirm their email address and use that same address when making a purchase, nor is there in the programme terms and conditions.

I hear you on that, but if you’re knowingly providing discounts to referred users without rewarding the referrer that’s got to be something to be looked at seriously, surely?

Sent the email, got the discount within an hour. No problem. Thanks Huel. Unfortunate glitch, but very good service in putting it right.

Jacob, just check with your friend what email address he/she used then email They’ll sort it swiftly. You aren’t dealing with cowboys yet you make out like you are.

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The issue is now resolved and i received a code. Thanks.

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