Discount Email not received

I clicked on a link to receive £10 off my first order through a referral, but I haven’t received an email 24 hours later. So I tried it again and it says I have already claimed this offer (Which I clearly havent). I’ve checked my spam, deleted items, nothing at all from Huel. Any ideas?
My email address is

You shouldn’t need to wait for an email. If you click a referral link (here’s mine :wink:) then the discount code appears on the next screen after you enter your email address.

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Thanks Tristan - saved a lot of searching :smiley: for when yours expires Heres mine hopefully will help someone out too

No discount code. When I click on the link it says I’ve already claimed the offer, even though I haven’t purchased anything. And if I “Start Shopping”, no discount is applied to my basket… Has this offer just expired…?20180403_232114

I think you’ve missed the code the first time it showed up, and now it thinks you’re trying to get a second one even though you’ve not used the first.

Paging @Tim_Huel :slight_smile:

Hi Carly,

I’m sorry you’re having difficulties with your referral code. Could you please drop the name, or better still the email, of the person who referred you? We’ll do our best to resolve this for you as quickly as possible.

Hi Zoe, the referral was from Kris Haynes. Sorry I don’t have their email. Here is the link

Hey Carly,

It looks like you couldn’t receive Kris’ referral discount because you were already waiting for a code from Robert.

I have now approved this referral for you and you should receive an email with your discount code shortly.

Let me know if you need anything else.


I also signed up with Robert’s code and am yet to receive a discount code


Thanks Olivia. Still haven’t received it. Do you know roughly when it should come through?

I also tried using Robert. But it wouldn’t let me. I went ahead anyway.

This is because Robert is a blogger that’s shared the code online. The idea of referrals are genuine referrals between friends and family. We don’t want people typing in ‘Huel Discount Code’ to Google when they get to check out and finding them. It’s just not a legitimate referral so our referral codes have limits and if it gets used an unnatural amount of times then it gets blocked. Sorry about that, I hope you understand.

Hi Olivia, Just wondering if the discount code is coming?