Refer a friend - have not received email with my £5 discount


I referred a friend on Wednesday who bought the £45 starter pack. She got the popup when she first hit the site which asked her to provide her email to get her £5 off (which she received and used).

Should I have received the email by now with my £5 discount?



Hi William,

Can I ask how you referred your friend? Did you give them the!sharing/ link or did you go to it yourself and refer them that way?


I emailed her the actual link that I obtained from that URL (beginning



Bizarre, you definitely should have gotten the email by now, as it’s been seen on our system. I’ll look into this, but I presume you’ve checked spam/promotions folders and it’s not in there? The email should come via

If not, email me at and I’ll give you the discount.

Yeah I’ve done a full search on my gmail (in: all). I’ll drop you an email, thanks :+1:

I’m experiencing this problem too. I ordered my first batch yesterday, and started using today, a co-worker signed up this afternoon using my referral code (£5 off worked successfully) but I haven’t received anything about my £5 voucher (also Gmail).


I’ve also had the same issue. I referred a friend and she got her £5 voucher and used it - she received the product today but I haven’t had anything emailed through to me to give me £5 off my next order.

Can you have a look at this for me please?

Same problem, I introduce to Huel at least 6 people and I never received the 5£ discount

Same here - referred 6 people successfully now and nothing off my subscription. There is now a section on the website explaining the discount doesn’t work if you have a subscription and that you have to manually email the code you referred a friend with each time. However I don’t think this bit of the website existed when I started Huel so I never knew this. Customer services haven’t been very helpful and eventually just offered me a single discount code for £5. However this (laughably) cannot be used unless you buy another big order of Huel powder AND something else like a flavour boost - rather than just being able to get £5 off some more flavour packs etc. So seemingly I need to cancel my subscription and re-order just to get the one £5 discount. Quite a hassle!

Hi Thom, really sorry to hear about the problems you have been having with the Refer a Friend system. We know that it has many drawbacks and conditions and this is why we are shortly going to be shifting to a new system we hope.

The discount code we gave you can be used on all orders of £45 or more (unless subscription in which case it will work too). You don’t have to buy something else in addition to your Huel, don’t worry!

Sorry again for the inconveniences. We’re working on a better solution to the Refer a Friend system as we speak.