Why does it say I have no successful referrals?

I have referred someone and they purchased huel. It is my first referral. It says on my account I have 1 click on the invite, but no successful referrals. So I haven’t received the £10 off voucher.

Many thanks

I guess it would depend on if they actually used the discount code they were given? you can contact team@huel.com to check up on it with them.

Hi yeah they did use the discount code, thanks

I think the referral expires in a matter of a few months.

It was only this week they bought it but thank you:)

Oh that’s odd!

Thank you for reaching out about this.

If you could please get in touch on our social media pages, or via email team@huel.com, we can make sure to look into this for you and get a code for you to use :slight_smile: