Referral codes / discount down

Is the referral scheme down at the moment? A friend has entered my name under the referred by a friend option, but the discount is not being applied. She is seeing the following error message “Sorry, there’s a delay processing your reward”.


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A few of my friends also have been unable to use referal links from me - they’ve been trying for a couple of days now.

@Tim_Huel can you help?
Are there issues with this at the mo on the UK site? (@Lewisjb3 what site are you on?)

@ChristinaT - I am on the UK site. I’m also having issues managing my subscription details!

I saw another thread mentioning issues with the subscription page.
Probably best to leave it til Monday / Tuesday if you can, when hopefully they will have resolved it.
If your subscription is due really soon, it’s probably worth emailing customer services direct
Although… they won’t pick it up til Monday now

Same issue here!

Adding to this thread to bump it up!

Hey guys, there are problems with the referral scheme at the moment yes. Sorry for the issues, be sure to raise them with the customer service team and we will log them all, sorry I can’t help with that one. Some common issues include:

Sharing a code with someone from a different region (nothing personal, just the websites don’t talk to each other)
Using a code shared by a blogger/youtuber - they usually get switched off
Friend didn’t use your name when they purchased - therefore not a ‘successful’ referral.

Otherwise, bear with us, we’re hassling the people that run referral scheme for a solution.

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread - just wondering if there is a problem again? This from my son who wants to become a Hueligan.

Same region but wondering if it’s because of same home address?

Would you mind DM’ing me their email address? We can take a look at it. :slight_smile: Can’t have James Clarke Jnr. not getting his Huel!

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DM sent - thanks Tim!