Friends referral code not working


My friend has recommended Huel to me as he raves about it, he sent me a referral, i clicked the link, signed up the the mailing list, received the email with the code, picked what I wanted and tried to order but the code doesn’t work it says “Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered”

The order is for £90 of products, so definitely meets the £45 minimum.
I signed up for an account, hoping that might fix it but it still says the above.

I cant think of any reason why it isn’t working.

Help please.

Hi Michelle,

Are you using the code to sign up to a recurring order?

yes that is what I’ve been trying to do.

I’ll PM you then!

Thank you Gulliver.


I have the same issue and am also trying to sign up to a recurring order.

Please help!


I am having the same problem, is there a fix for this?


Our refer-a-friend guide mentions that refer-a-friend codes don’t automatically work with recurring orders - if you drop us an email at, we can switch it over for you!

Thanks! I’ve emailed the team.

I’ve been trying to use the £10 refer a friend discount code for a single purchase (want to test before I subscribe) but I never received the email from Huel and now its not letting me try again.
It’s not been sent to my inbox or junk

Any help would be appreciated


Same here
Can you contact me? Thanks

This still isn’t fixed?

Could you be specific? This thread is 3 years old, so the problem the OP had is very unlikely to reflect your problem. I would recommend emailing us on if you are having trouble with your referral code.