Refer-a-friend Discount Issue

Hello! First time buyer here. I’m about to subscribe and buy my first 4 packs of Huel, and my friend was the one who told me about this company! As such I wanted to get both a discount for and myself… So I put my email down in the link he sent me and I got a code, inputted the code into the checkout… However I get the error “Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered”. I used the same e-mail as I inputted into the referral website. I also received an e-mail confirming the reception of the code, to the exact e-mail. I e-mailed customer service but haven’t received a response yet. Did anyone else have a similar issue? I’d like to get started on Huel ASAP, I also live abroad so the shipping will take a while to get to me as well so I wanted to order it soon!

You won’t get a reply from customer services at the weekend…and maybe a day or two before you do after as I understand there is a backlog that needs to be cleared. Surprising really because I thought that the soluble and insoluble fibres in Huel cleared any backlog PDQ.

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If you and your friend live in different countries, the referal code won’t work. I have discovered this, attempting to refer friends abroad :frowning:

Also if you and your friend are neighbours and share a wifi signal from another neighbour, you will be accused of being spam.
(Unrelated grumble!)

Even if we are using the same international service? Dang… I don’t know if I can find someone to refer me who’s from Japan too haha.

I’m not sure to be honest… maybe ask one of the official Huel guys who may be able to clarify
@Tim_Huel !