Applying more than 1 voucher code

Guys… help, iv given out my referral code to 4 friends who have all placed orders,

iv been sent 4 different £10 voucher codes, but when i try to apply them, it says code applyed each time, but theres only one discount of £10 applied

Iv checked the t&c’s and you can apply multiple discounts, (see below)

Im nearly out of supply so this is kinda urgent

  • Rewards will be cumulative and so if multiple qualifying referrals are made to Huel, multiple rewards will be delivered to the referrer, subject to a limit A Referrer may not earn more than 50 within any 24 hour period or 1000 within last 12 months. A Referrer should not expect their referred friends to be given rewards automatically if they are referring more frequently than 50 friends within a month.image

That doesn’t say you can use multiple referral codes in one transaction as far as I can see.

Just states you can receive multiple referral codes up to a maximum of 50 /24h.

I’ve asked this question before and it’s a no go. One at a time.


Ah ok thats shit tho, no incentive to recomend, wish i hadnt wasted my time talking people into buying!

At the same time, it says nowhere that multiple codes cant be used, feel a bit cheated tbh

Yeah, been there, done that. Was pretty annoyed. Worked my ass off convincing people hoping for a free month of Huel then was told they can only be used one at a time and expire after a few months.

Gave them away in the end.

£10 off per order is still pretty good.
You can order 2 bags for £30. It’s free delivery so just place 4 separate orders if you have 4 vouchers.

Think it’s £50 minimum spend or something…

It’s not the end of the world, just means it’s a waste of time referring more than one person.

There’s no minimum spend. At least there wasn’t a month ago.

Mentions a spend of £40 or more in the referrals section. That’s money off for referred friends so I take it that applies to the referrer as well.

You have to buy minimum 2 bags per order anyway so that’s £40…
I think it’s not a bad reward for a referal.
It’s 25% off 2 bags. Most companies only give you 5%


Agree. Seems pretty good to me. Not that I have managed to refer anyone yet :grin:

Mustn’t waste this good weather. Off out with the girls for a walk now :dog2::dog2:

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I think the discount as it stands is reasonable - however, an affiliate service which allows for a cash payment of, say, £5 per referral would be a great addition for the future. I don’t mind stocking up, but there’s still only so far I can go with it.

I’d prefer £10 off Huel than £5 cash

It depends. If I’m referring one or two people a month, I agree, but if I’m referring 20+, it would be nice to have the option to “cash out”