Waiting 5 days for referral code

I’ve been interested in Huel but was put off by the first purchase commitment. I was talking to someone who praised your product and linked a £10 off voucher. This convinced me to give it a try. I’ve been waiting for my discount voucher email for 5 days!

Will you send it any time soon?

I’ve emailed team@huel.com but no reply.

Thank you,


I don’t think it’s something that’s emailed, you just add it when placing your order. Mine looks like this:

Hey Joe, you don’t need a code, as Colin says you just need to mention them at checkout!


So long as your friend is a customer in the same country as you this will work. The only issue you might encounter if there are multiple people in the system with the same name, so maybe just have you friends email address to hand to confirm it.

Hope this helps!

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