Issue with refferal code - no reply to email

I had an issue trying to use a referral code on the 7th November and sent an email to the team. However I have not had a reply and my next delivery is due next week and the code still isn’t working. Can someone from Huel please get in touch with me??


Hey Wayne, sorry to hear this. I can’t check this right now but will check with the team in the morning. Really strange you haven’t had a reply since the 7th, this is absolutely an issue with receiving the email. I’ll check it out.

Thanks Tim, appreciate the help :+1:t2:

Hi Wayne, it looks like Dan responded to you on the 9th. The reason you can’t use that code is because you applied it successfully to your order on 12th September. :+1: So you just need to get another referral from someone else and you’ll have a fresh, shiny new code to use :blush: Hope that all makes sense.

Hi Tim, just checked my emails again and definitely didn’t receive an email so not sure what happened there! Regarding the code, fair enough that makes sense, its just it was still in my account and when I entered it I got a message saying accepted!

Thanks again for clearing this up for me.

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