Referral Reward - Discount not Found

Hi everyone,
I got my first referral reward (Yay me!). I got the discount code via mail but when I tried to add it to my subscription (over £40), it said “Discount not found”. Is the code too “fresh”? Did I do something wrong? Any help would be great!
Also, am I only allowed to add one reward to each delivery? Just out of curiosity, I am not getting megalomaniac. :wink:
Kind regards,

Yay! Thanks so much for referring your friends to Huel!

I can see your email to us so I’ll check it out and get back to you as soon as I can.

You are only able to apply one discount code per order so try and use them in order of when they were received, just to avoid any issues with the expiry date.

Thanks, I tried it today and the first discount worked, so maybe it was indeed too “fresh”. :smiley: