Code for recommend a friend

I have send my friend a recommendation through the rec a friend channel. She received the email and had entered all the details right up to the point to pay but the screen still says it’s 45.00. Will this change when she enters her payment details?

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Hi Neil,

Sorry you are having problems with your referral. Has your friend entered the code she received in the second email?

Once you have referred them the receive an email like this, they should click on the link and log in to their Huel account, or create a Huel account (remember we don’t automatically assign you an account)

In the following email they receive a code. This then needs to be entered on the same page they enter their shipping address.

Does this help? Let us know if you have any further questions. Here is a full guide here -

Thanks - I think the issue is that she has not opened an account?

OK. So she has now opened an account . Gone back the the email she received and yes it’s exactly the same as the one above.
Have gone through the process and still no code included .
I can’t send her a new invite as it stated that I have already done so

Really sorry about all this. Are they a first time customer?

Lets just go through it step by step.

  1. You get your link to share
  2. They click the link
  3. They enter their email address.
  4. They receive email a few minutes later with the code in.
  5. They then enter code on shipping page.

I have just tried to twice and it worked no problem. Which stage isn’t working for you? Have they checked their spam for the email from SLoyalty?

The subject line is Here is your coupon for Huel and the sender is Huel (

Hi Tim

she has palced trhe order now, (was a 1st time customer)
no idea if that was with or without the discount - will keep you posted


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Cheked all email folders… nothing

So my friend paid the full amount and seems I won’t get my discount either

You need to click ‘Checkout’ then you input the code on the next screen. Which I believe is a bit backward in comparison to the order process on most other sites I’ve used.

Really sorry about this Neil. Is it possible you could message me your friends email address so I can check this out?

It’s OK Tim. She actually put my address as she knew she wouldn’t be in…
I have found out what it was . Basically the pop up box that you add the
email address didn’t appear on mobile

The refer a friend process is ridiculously complicated. I referred a friend and she went to order and couldn’t figure it out properly but completed the order. Hasn’t been given the discount now, and neither have I.

How can we get this rectified?

Can I recommend Huel to my wife and get the discount? (She’s my best friend lol… awwwww).

She’s interested in giving it a go but wants flavoured ones and I don’t! But obviously we live at the same address so wonder if that might invalidate it?


I don’t think that would invalidate it! I’ve recommended Huel to my friend, and we have the same address as we’re living in college dorms! He was still able to get the discount haha :slight_smile: