Huel's Refer a Friend scheme is live

Hi everyone,

Huel’s Refer a Friend scheme is currently live. We are not promoting it fully yet as we’re still testing how it works, but if anyone here wants to use it, you will now be able to by following this link:!sharing/

There is also a link in the footer of the Huel website, called Refer a Friend, which will also take you to this link.

The link provided gives you a chance to give your friends £5 off Huel when you refer them via email, facebook, twitter or the special link that is provided. If they use your referral code, you also get £5 off your next order, with a discount code sent to you via email. It should be noted that this only works for first time customers.

Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated!

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Sounds good.

But where is the referral code?

I’ve got my link, but can’t see any mention of a code?


There is no code. Only a referral link.

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Make sure you’re logged in to the main website, then when you visit!sharing/ you’ll see this:

The bit in the link after /r/ will be your unique referral ID. When a friend clicks it they get a popup offering them £5 off, looks like that’s how it’ll work out for them(?)

Yes! Once the person gets their code and places an order, you will be sent an email with your discount code. These seem to being sent out a bit slowly, so may take a few hours to arrive.

Loving Huel!
My work buddy is curious and wants to order, but I can’t get the ‘refer a friend’ thing to work.
Doesn’t offer me anything to send him like shown in the pic above.
Is it down?

People are using it still so it’s definitely working! Are you logged in and going to this link?

Works fine now, using that link. Didn’t early this morning, don’t know why.
Anyway, sent on to work buddy :slightly_smiling:


I just wanted to use the “Refer A Friend” feature, but it seems that it is not working for german/austrian customers. The link!sharing/ redirects me to the UK version, where i have no account and!sharing/ is not working.

Is there any way to use this as a german/austrian customer too?

The refer a friend scheme isn’t currently set up on the German site annoyingly for a few reasons. If you email, we can help you do it manually as we set it up on the German site.

Thanks for your quick reply. Just sent the mail :slight_smile:

Hi there,

What a coincidence - I have just worked this out today and if you are signed up for the German Newsletter, you will be receiving an E-Mail in a little bit on how we are handling the German Refer-a-friend process for now (as Gulliver said - we are doing it “manually” at this point in time). Of course, there is no reason to not state the process here as well:

Empfiehl Huel einem Freund und ihr spart beide 5€!

Schritt 1 – Erzähle einem Freund von Huel und davon, dass er bei seiner ersten Bestellung 5€ spart.

Schritt 2 – Dein Freund bestellt ganz normal (MBW: 62,90€).

Schritt 3 – Dein Freund schreibt eine kurze E-Mail mit dem Namen des werbenden Bestandskunden (also mit deinem Namen) an

Schritt 4 – Wir erstatten deinem Freund umgehend 5€ zurück.

Schritt 5 – Wir stellen dir einen Gutschein über 5€ für deine nächste Bestellung aus (MBW: 62,90€).

Weitere Gutscheinbedingungen:
Als Geworbener gilt nur, wer vorher noch nicht bei uns bestellt hat. Werben darfst du nur, wenn du bereits Kunde bei uns bist. Falls du deinen Gutscheincode auf ein Abonnement einlösen willst, teile uns dies bitte mit, da wir in dem Fall einen anderen Code generieren müssen. Pro Bestellung kann jeweils nur ein Rabattcode angewendet werden. Wenn du beispielsweise sechs Freunde wirbst, erhältst du NICHT 30€ Rabatt auf eine einzelne Bestellung. Stattdessen erhältst du je 5€ Rabatt auf deine nächsten sechs Bestellungen von je mindestens 62,90€ – vergiss bitte nicht, deine erhaltenen Rabattcodes dafür gut aufzubewahren.

So . A friend has tried to buy using my referal via email. Hasorry gone through the link gone to purchase and it says 45
00 but asks for discount code… at what stage dpest the 5.00 discount come off ?

Hi Neil, I have responded to you in the other thread! Code for recommend a friend

Is it possible to use more than one code in an order?

I’ve referred three people and would quite like to use the codes to get £15 off an order :wink:

Email us on If you are really nice then Zoe might sort something out for you!

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Done, thanks :slight_smile:

Really disappointed with the company for starting a refer a friend system.
I was under the impression that nothing like that or discount codes were going to be happening as the product was meant to be value as the producers believed in the product. I’ve been using the product for some time now but it’s starting to feel like herbal life or any other gimmick i-_-

Hi there,

Really sorry to hear that, we’ve had a Refer a Friend scheme for over a year - it just didn’t work too well. We don’t do discount codes in general because, as you say, we believe Huel is a quality product and doesn’t require this. However we love it when people spread the word about Huel and if people do then it’s great for them to get a little something in return! This isn’t an affiliate scheme, people aren’t re-selling Huel, it’s just simply a thank you to customers for being so passionate about Huel.

I hope that clears it up? Let me know if you have other questions.