Referral Discount cross country?

Hi Guys,

New user to huel. Loving it so far.
Quick question, I’m from the uk and have friends that would love to use Huel. Would they be able to get the refferal discount from me?

Hi there, so long as your friends are also from the UK there shouldn’t be an issue with them using your referral discount! We have a Refer a Friend guide here!

What about if they are from America?


I have a similar issue. My referral codes that were given to me are in UK pounds but I live in the US and purchased my Huel from the US. Therefore my friends here can’t use the referral codes…

Hi @Tim_Huel, I’ve recommended Huel to my Friend from Croatia (EU Huel) and she’s sold—but does it mean both of us won’t be able to get the refer a Friend discount because I’m using Huel inthe UK…?

Unfortunately that’s correct, you can’t cross-refer currently. Can you email us on and we can help you out! Let us know the full name and email address of your friend in the message too and link to this conversation!

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