Referral code not working

I can’t use the referral code my friend has sent me over the internet.

I am from the Netherlands and he is from Germany. Whenever I use the german site i can use it works but then i can’t send the shipment to me in the Netherlands as the German site only allows it to be in Germany or Austria. (Whenever I go to the referral code doesn’t work but I can send it to my house, just no discount).

The main reason I want to use his referral code is because he introduced me to Huel and I want to help him out as I heard that using the link will give him a little discount too.

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The solution is clear, find two people who are trying to do the opposite referral, and swap friends


Time to make a post asking for friends then? :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the reply.


I made a ticket with Huel and they resolved my issue. The issue was that it was region based.

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Haha sorry for not being helpful before, it is indeed region based. Now you’ll know to stick to your own country in the future! #Nexit