Unifying the Huel Web Experience

Has anyone else had a mess of a time trying to navigate the Huel site?

Yesterday I clicked on the “Referral Program” link on my account page, which took me to the Mention Me page (/pages/mention-me) where I got a link to share with a friend to refer them to Huel.

Well today they tried ordering and said my link wasn’t working. Confused, I realized the link preview (I sent it via Slack) was showing the discount amount in £ when both me and my friend are located in the US.

I tried Googling the issue, which brought me to the Refer a Friend Guide (/pages/refer-a-friend-guide)" which then sent me to the Sharing modal (https://huel.com/#sharing/) on the main page. There, I was able to generate a slightly different link, which I sent to my friend and worked. The link preview for that page said the discount for both of us would be $10.

I went back to the original Mention Me page and this time the link was identical to the working link, except this page said that my friend would get a $10 discount and I would get a $5 discount.

Then I got an email telling me my friend had ordered and that I would be getting the full 10 — £10. (When I follow the link, the page also says £10). I’m assuming this will not work for orders in the US, as it hasn’t for me in the past.

That was going to be the end of my intended post, but then when I went to write this, whatever link I followed to get me to these forums sent me to discuss.huel.com. But another link I followed from my email took me to discourse.huel.com.

My main point is, please Huel, work on your web experience so people aren’t confused and lost on your site. If I’d been less persistent in my search, my friend might have just given up or decided to wait until later (potentially never getting around to ordering) and you would have lost a customer. I wonder how many people have been turned away by mere technical issues on the site? I noticed recently that you combined the main site and the us.* subdomain which is fine, but at least make everything work right for your international customers.


Sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve been gathering all the information from all the people responsible for these elements of the customer experience.

Problems with the referral scheme
The reason that you ended up being rewarded with the £10 code is that you had already introduced the referee once with that email address to the UK offer and so even though you later shared the $10 offer when the referee completed their purchase you were rewarded for the first offer that his friend claimed through you.

In September we enrolled each of customers in all three of referral programmes (UK, US and DE) such that regardless of which one of the three referral links the user shared, the recipient would end up getting an offer appropriate to the market they wished to first purchase on.

Whilst this worked well for customers using name sharing, it wasn’t perfect - for those sharing links we don’t always have enough information at the point we choose to give a specific coupon to a newly referred customer to decide which market they need a coupon for and so they can end up with the wrong coupon - which clearly is frustrating.

We decided more recently to go back to single campaigns but some problems Huelers are still experiencing is hangover from this. unfortunately existing customers were still registered in all three campaigns and some customers who visited their dashboards were then unfortunately shown the “wrong” campaign because of a less than perfect decision on our side - for example some UK customers saw a US campaign in their dashboard because we were choosing the latest one they had been enrolled in not the one they necessary preferred.

What we’ve done yesterday is cancelled all of these “extra” share links for the other referral programmes which were not for the original market the referrer was enrolled into. This should mean that customers who visit their dashboards from now on will see whichever referral programme corresponds to the market they were originally enrolled in or have otherwise purchased in.

Sometimes our offers change and they may go up or go down. I’m sorry if its changed since your friend signed up, we’re always testing to see what works.

Discuss.huel.com - Global/UK forum
Discourse.huel.com - USA forum, you would have been linked in a US email to the US forum
Forum.huel.com - German forum

We can’t redirect you to the local forum if you land on a different one because we don’t host the forum. The USA website links to USA forum, but anyone is welcome to chat on any forum.

The redirect works initally by redirecting you to your local website, how if this is changed manually it will remember your preference for next time and won’t redirect you, but you can manually change this yourself by hitting the flag which we have moved to the top nav.

Have I missed anything? I’m sorry that your experience here hasn’t been great. We really value your feedback, it’s so useful for us to adapt. We’re still a small enough company that we can make changes like these pretty rapidly, so thank you very much.

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Thanks for the reply, and for elucidating why things happened the way they did and what you’ve done to fix them. Other than those hiccoughs, my experience has been positive, and I’m impressed at the speed at which you can address issues. I’ll keep an eye out for any more weirdness but overall I’m still a satisfied user/customer.

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