Wasted info sheets

Just received two new flavour packs (including banana, my absolute dream flavour - thank you guys!).

In the box, I saw the standard ‘info sheet’ was included; telling you how to blend Huel, etc. I thought I’d point out on here that I don’t see any need for that to be in a delivery unless it’s someone’s first order; especially if I’m buying flavour packs, that means I already know how Huel works, and all the instructions for blending the flavour into the mix are printed on the bags themselves.

Hopefully that will help save on paper and environmental wastage :slight_smile:


This is a valid point. Seems a little wasteful.

Hmmm that is strange. What size was this card?

New customers get an A4 card which includes instructions.

Repeat customers get a DL (a 1/3 of the size) thank you card with brief info and instructions.

Ah, perhaps it was just the ‘Thank You’ card then. I had 2 (packing error I’m sure) DL cards.

Yes, it was the smaller card. Just seemed a bit pointless to me - the thank you is very kind but the instructions aren’t really necessary!

Mb make it a business card with just “thank you” on it(even smaller)? Or stick “thank you” on the inside of the box along with “what’s inside” sticker, which is presumably used for packing the right things. Better still, could be printed on the outside along with Huel logo…