Thank you!

I love Huel, Huel loves me, we’re a happy family.

Just one question though. Is it really necessary to put thank you leaflets in every box? In the first box it is nice to receive a thanks, especially because I know it’s genuine. But now I just have extra cardboard I have to recycle.

Is it possible to stop this? Other wise I am a massive Hueligan.


I have thought this too and agree. Would be a good idea to waive the extra bits of card for regular subscription orders.

Mind you, might be a bit of a faff when packing lots of orders to keep track of who gets what included.


I concur. I appreciate the thought, I don’t need thank you or refer a friend or booklets with my orders.

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I agree too

Absolutely fair question. The plan is to include all literature in first time orders only. Shouldn’t be long until this is implemented. Thanks for the flag, we want to thank you every time, because it’s pretty damn cool to have so many awesome people coming back time and time again, but totally agree that reducing the paper is important.

They’re all recyclable and a lot of the literature is recycled too.


I have used a few of those coupons though, so they are a still pretty useful to me. But nobody needs a thank you. I don’t think anybody has received a delivery and thought ‘do you know what this is missing? A thank you note.’ Maybe there could be an option to check off whether you want the coupons or not. I wouldn’t even mind if the ‘Thank You’ slips were different.

I want to thank you and the rest of the Huel team for continuing to be awesome!

How lazy. At least send them a note.

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Wrestlecrate (a monthly subscription box for wrestling fans) used to ship in plain boxes, but recently started printing inside the box and it didn’t change the cost for consumers- have you looked into a similar process?
So the “thank you” and other repetitive literature could be printed inside the box. The booklet could even be sent as an email pdf…


Definitely, I like the idea of printing the thank you in the box, I believe we were looking at that. However

Although I agree with your statement, I think it’s important nonetheless. No one has ever thought they want one, but I reckon many thought “hey that was a nice touch” and hopefully then recognise how much we appreciate them.

We do this in some international markets where printing booklets in multiple languages becomes difficult to fulfil correctly. However I think there is merit in a physical booklet because on opening it’s there on top and I think you’re more likely to read it. The booklet has some really important information in about making Huel correctly so we want people to have multiple places where they find out how to (pouch, booklet, website, email) to increase chances of success.

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I know some companies put a little packet of Haribo in their delivery boxes. I know this probably goes against the idea of low plastic use, being nutritionally complete, vegan etc… but I like Haribo much more than a thank you.

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omg imagine the uproar. Like some weird battle of the snacks Saw style test

“Hey here’s some super nutritious convenience food…and some sweeties. Choose wisely, because in 30 seconds this box will slam shut and you will never get vitamin d3 again.”


How about a small flavour boost sachet then @TimOfficialHuel? Might even tempt someone to buy a full pouch.


Apparently Haribo does make a vegan option now FWIW. There is actually a Haribo shop less than 2 miles from the bleak rock I live on, but I have never visited it.