Weak boxes

I’m coming up on my one-year anniversary as a hueligan. I’m a very happy customer! But there’s one problem that’s been consistent throughout this year: weak boxes for larger deliveries.

My first order of Huel was the standard two bags (+shaker+t-shirt), and that was fine. But I live in Northern Ireland, so shipping to my address isn’t free, so instead of the default subscription frequency, I go for bigger orders less often.

On every single order I’ve received after that first one, the box has arrived at my door open or broken. The bags of Huel inside have always been fine, and none of them have ever been missing–but this is not great. I don’t know if I’m asking for something specific here, but it would really be great if Huel could use… stronger boxes? stronger tape? something. Maybe it’s DPD’s fault, I don’t know.

Is it just me? Do others have this problem too? I see there was a forum topic about weak tape last May, but I’m here to say it’s still an issue. [Edit: here’s that old post: Tape on boxes]

the latest thread on it is here


Thanks! I missed that one. Clearly it’s a known issue–don’t mind me, then.

DPD are notoriously heavy handed with stuff.

Maybe Huel could add stickers to the boxes that I remember from my childhood that say “Hurl About With Care”…?

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Thanks for the feedback, always good to +1, helps us understand the situation. Do drop us an email on team@huel.com about this and we can log it in our system. Sorry your boxes have been arriving in a bit of a dire state.

:joy: I’m not sure if this was part of your joke, but if not this is doubly funny since most people’s keyboards autocorrect ‘Huel’ to ‘Hurl’, which commenters on our adverts seem to find highly amusing!

Thanks! I’ll do that.