Packing issues

About of feedback about the packaging used for delivery’s. You need a to use a lot more sturdy box, as you can see from the attached photo leaves a lot to be desired. I double checked the contents the pouches was not damaged, the scoops being loose is quite bad. The contents did feel very gritty I noted some of the paper work had mud stains on it. However I wouldn’t put it past our local DPD driver to tamper with packages as he got caught out spoofing there GPS not long ago.

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This seems like an issue with how DPD treat your package. If Huel used bulkier or non-carboard boxes it would be attacked for being bad for the environment. It can’t win.

I like how the box is also clearly marked fragile and yet that’s how they delivered it


Yeah was thinking the same thing.

Having insider knowledge of the parcel and airline baggage industry the reality is not all of the handlers treat our bags and parcels the way we would like them to. Some parcels and bags quite simply get chucked about and it’s not realistic of Huel to use a superstrong cardboard box for 100% of orders for the 2% which might get beaten up during collection sortation and delivery.

You’re right to be unhappy about it and Huel will probably feed this information back to DPD. DPD will know what route the parcel followed and may be able to identify a trend of parcels being beaten up when delivered by a certain person or when sorted by a certain route.

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Writing this on the box makes no difference at all to how it is handled.

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I’m sad to read this but deep down I knew it was true. It’s not like if it didn’t say fragile they would kick it into the van they would just treat them all the same. Regardless of what the box is labelled.

I once saw a study where they discovered if you write “FRAGILE” on a parcel it’s more likely to get thrashed in transit. But if you write “hapy bithday grammy I love you” in crayon it always arrives in pristine condition.

I can’t remember where I saw it or if I just dreamt it. It sounds like a daft study now that I think about it.


That’s definitely abuse by the courier company – nothing to do with the sturdiness of the box – this is mine from this months delivery after 4 flights and almost 8000 miles and was practically fully intact

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