Packaging concern

Received my Huel package and very excited to use it :slight_smile: however, my plastic components (shaker and scoop) where smashed in the box :frowning:

Drop them an email and they’ll sort it.

Take a photo of them as well

Emailed them just now (3rd time lucky?)
It’s not their fault, the delivery driver more than likely

Pretty good going to smash the shaker and the scoop.

Knowing DPD drivers he/she probably drove over it…

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They certainly did a number lol

All sorted now :slight_smile:


So sorry to see that. The team will get a new load out for you as soon as they can, I’ve no doubt. Sorry for any delay in responding.

New one arrived today :slight_smile: many thanks to Charlotte, who dealt with everything :slight_smile: much happy!


So pleased to hear that. Sorry again, hope you can now start enjoying and experimenting with Huel!

Will lock this now since it’s resolved.