Tape on boxes

a few times the black papery tape has been unstuck on the large full boxes of huel.

i think its because the handling of a large heavy box distorts its shape and the tape unsticks.

i trust not all dpd drivers, so please use stickier tape, stronger boxes or both.

packing large orders in two boxes is also another option. - i know that throws up another problem though…

especially when you’re receiving a delivery in a country that charges import duty. splitting the order into two boxes confuses the hell out of them as there is only one commercial invoice so to satisfy their limited intelligence and lack of effort - customs officers usually charge the full invoice duty on both boxes.

All the corrugate boxes used in the UK the EU use 100% paper based tape, so the entirety of the box is recyclable. I understand they are working on reducing the amount of tape used further and improvements to these through pack development of the corrugate boxes.

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i know why they use the papery tape.

but having an open box every few times is not at all a good service.

I’ve had the same problem several times, the last time I sent an e-mail basically yelling at them and threatenting to switch to a competitor, which I might follow through on if it doesn’t improve. Even though nothing was damaged or missing I got half a refund which was nice, but I really hope my next order will be properly sealed or I’m out.

hate to say it, im not happy with it at all.

they used to use better tape.

ive emailed the team, hopefully they can make me a happy customer again.