Request for feedback on the new delivery boxes

Hi everyone. Hope your new year is going well so far.

We recently changed the cardboard boxes we use to send one week orders of Huel out in. There were two main changes to this, that the cardboard material we are using is slightly stronger, and that there is now a message printed on the boxes saying fragile.

We had a couple of test orders sent through, and these boxes arrived in a pristine condition to us. So I was just wondering if anyone has any feedback with the boxes, and what condition they’ve arrived in?

Thanks very much in advance!


Mine arrived today, all in one piece and all happy, robust box too I am probably going to reuse for other things as there’s always a use for a good, robust box. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great - that’s what we like at Huel: recycling :slightly_smiling:

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I’ve just received a 4-week supply a few minutes ago. The cardboard box was split open, all the way along the length of one side.

For delivering 8 large bags, you need to either use a much stronger cardboard box, or they need to be sent in 2 smaller/lighter boxes.

My very first one week supply arrived today in perfect condition fully loaded with t-shirt and shaker. Very happy :slightly_smiling:

My first order arrived today, really well packaged and everything safe and secure.

4 bags arrived in 1 box yesterday - all good!

2 weeks supply arrived in box yesterday- pristine condition and speedy delivery. :+1:

I received a few weeks ago a box of eight bags to the South of France and it was all pristine. The bottom was bowing a touch but that is to be expected with so much weight.