Huel Video Diary #1

Hi there!

I’m new to the forum, so I apologise in advance if there are any issues with my post.

Myself and a few of the guys I work with are trying out Huel at the moment. It’s catching on in the office, there are more and more of us doing it constantly (As I’m writing this I’ve just convinced another colleague to give it a go!)

We aren’t being sponsored, we are just giving it a go and keeping a record of how we feel and how we react on the product. I have a friend, Kaeyi Dream, who (I think) is being sponsored to try out the product, and she’s going to post her updates at some point soon.

Our updates are going to be 100% genuine and I think it’ll be nice to see what happens over the coming weeks!

We’d love your feedback on our diary! The first one can be found here:

Thanks guys!