Huel is changing the world

Ok, so I’ve been using Huel since March this year and I’ve been crazy about it ever since. You are such an amazing company and I just love companies that look forward and are focused on innovation. That aside, you probably have one of the best customer services I’ve ever encountered - Tobias from the German team is an absolute gem!

But the funny thing started when I first showed up for work with my Huel. “Bullying” would maybe be a bit of a harsh word, but as we all know, I got quite a lot of questions and even more skepticism. I realized quite fast that you need to be aware how easily provoked people are, especially when it comes to food. People are strangely super emotional when it comes to food.

But, as those discussions over lunch continued, things slowly started to change… first one guy started using Huel, then two of my closest colleagues started as a way to lose weight (one of those guys have lost 1,7 kg over the course of two weeks - yesterdays report). Now we are a total of five people using Huel at my work which is around half of the staff.

I really don’t want to make this about me or my efforts in convincing people to try Huel because that job has already been done by you as a company and that’s what I want to point out - how great you are! I know you’re aware how much good you’re doing to people and to the world, but it’s always worth pointing out, again and again.

So thank you Huel - you are easily the best. No contest.

PS. Still working on my girlfriend though… she’s insanely stubborn…


We all hope you mean in a huel sense of the word ??? :thinking:


You know that gushy, emotional feeling you used to got at school when someone gives you a prize on sports day or in an end of term awards thing? All a bit embarrassed, surprised and happy that someone even noticed you?

Huel Squad rn.


Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us. We’re so proud to have a community of Huelers that resonates and believes in what we do so much. You and everyone else here are incredible and we remind ourselves every day. You make up the soul of this brand and we can’t thank you enough.

p.s. also totally get the scepticism, check out one of our Facebook adverts for a good laugh :+1: I guess the idea of Huel is a little weird – we’re OK with that :slight_smile:


I was sitting at my desk sipping from my faded Huel shaker and I just had one of my work colleagues jokingly say “Ugh, Huel. I thought you would be better than that”.

This led to me going off on a bit of an evangelical tirade on the benefits of Huel.

I didn’t like being one of ‘those guys’!

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Fully agree here with how people start out testy and skeptical but are keen to try once they see you’re still alive on it after a few days / weeks.

Just using it myself and answering questions from puzzled friends, 4 of them have become Huel users too. One of them an actual food critic for the newspaper and another one working in catering! So that must count for something.


Not only alive but looking better on it too. Huel speaks for itself in the long run.

Thanks so much for shouting out Huel to your friends, massively appreciate it. Make sure you use your referral code, we have a guide at