The new Huel video

Hi Huelers,

This is the first viewing of our new video.

It’s not exactly a direct replacement for the explainer video on the homepage, but we felt that it needed some updating. So we reached out to the Huel community and a group of very kind customers donated their time.

Thank you all very much for helping, it’s very much appreciated.

We are very pleased with the end result. So with no further ado I proudly present the new Huel video…


Excellent stuff!


This is such a cool and stylish video! Although I 100% trust these are real Huelers and remember the specific post summoning these people, I would almost say the people come across as a little too perfect. That is a compliment to the beautiful folks in the video. I think some people may suspect they are actors. I am a cynic, so bear that in mind. :alien: I think adding some of these guys’ forum posts to the video could be really cool.

Yes I did consider adding a message along the lines of - “these are all real customers, none have been paid for this testimonial.”

I love the fact they all live together in a designer pad. It’s like a new age Monkeys episode, can’t wait to see them get into scrapes helping each other out and saving other people from evil. :wink:

Very slickly produced. Not a fan of the catatonic style of ambient empty piano music as I associate it with a million other “yoga/save fungus/raise money” type videos and ads (and I’ve edited a number of them which is probably why it hurts so much to hear this stuff).

Demonstrates the simplicity of the product and some of it’s uses, leans a little toward the uber healthy chic but they always show up when called :slight_smile: .

A welcome break from the T25 style ads that tend to bombard the more health conscious, though I think the self improvement end of the market is a good target for Huel and so maybe another video…?