Huel TV advert

As our beloved Huel has now been advertised on TV is it considered mainstream?

Does this mean we are no longer hipsters? Should I shave off my beard and donate my cardigans to a charity shop?


I already have … because they were getting too baggy !!
Don’t worry tho … I’ve put an order in for several cardigans in a smaller size !!:+1:

I’m a bit concerned too, I like to think I’m a bit of a rebel outsider, and will drop Huel like a hot shot if it gets accepted by the mainstream.


Wendy I expected so much more of you.

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Meh, OK. I won’t drop it, but I’ll have to tell everyone that I have. Sorry. You know those movies that everyone loves? I haven’t even seen them. I refuse to. Titanic? No way. Never. My favourite film is the Spanish version of the Orphanage, directed by Guillermo del Toro.


Wendy was hipster before being hipster was hipster.

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only her beard tho.


Also, wasn’t it directed by J A Bayona?

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G del T was exec producer.

I’m starting to feel like you two are ganging up on me! :laughing:

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I looked at the TV advert on youtube and thought rather poorly of it. Here’s my editorial on it. In very brief summary, I think the visuals are all focused on male-dude-bro images, and while the audio track has good points, the combined effect is to (unintentionally) say “this is a product of interest to male athletes only, office dweebs and women pay no attention.”

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That’s a bit unfair…it has tree hugging hippies…and a big gathering of people who may or may not be members of 72 different genders.

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I only counted 58. You are obviously more ‘right on’ than me

Thanks for the review, interesting points which will be passed on. Before I retort please note I wasn’t involved in the creation, so my points below may not echo those of the Julian and our marketing managers - just my takeaways.

Totally see your point on too many male figures/action sports - but I think you’ve jumped to a few assumptions on the gender of a few people, your comments also suggest that action sports are only for men? I believe it’s intended to be aspirational – Huel is a facilitator and can save you time/money to allow you to do the things you love. If we just showed pictures of Neil from finance it might not evoke the same emotions.

The paint shots aren’t from Diwali, it’s just a paint party.

Thanks a lot though, this was our first stab at TV, if it pays off then I expect these changes will be made!

Also, sidenote that I’m making Julian a badge now that says Julian Hearn, a very macho guy. I’ll let you know his reaction.

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Perhaps Julian Hearn dropped the ball because he isn’t Mr macho but clumsy office dweeb.

Thanks, Tim. I think the positive take-away again is, for future adverts, look at the evident population of the Huel forums. They outline a demographic profile that, I think, was not well represented in the current ad, and, had that demographic not known about Huel already, would not have been intrigued or attracted by the ad.

I need to agree with Fernly on the fact that something seems off. I do not get what Huel is about with the add.

For me saying the stuff is not as impactful as displaying it. Also, you do not really get what Huel is from the advert, since no one is seen using it. For me, when trying to introduce something new, besides cool, you need explanations.

That or create a huge mistery so people are intrigued.

I just feel like the strengths of Huel are not displayed properly, just seems like another flashy add.

Then again, “I know nothing”

In the next Huel ad instead of blokes why not have naked female wrestlers.But I suppose that would be sexist though.

Campaign, a UK site that describes itself as “the world’s leading business media brand serving the marketing, advertising and media communities” has nominated the Huel ad as its “Turkey of the week”. The commentator, Gurjit Degun, found the rapid cuts “cluttered and confusing”.

Actually, I don’t agree, but then I played it several times in order to parse out the underlying messages that I thought it expressed. I suppose if you watched it only once, knowing nothing about the product, you might have that reaction.


I’ve never seen the TV advert (never owned a tv up until 3 weeks ago and still don’t use it to watch tv). But I’m glad I didn’t see the advert as it might have put me off. Not because I’m not into action sports (I am) but there was no mention of it being made from all natural whole ingredients, and what those ingredients are, which is pretty much the only reason why I like it as a product over and above any other convenience food.

Nothing wrong with Neil from finance, drinking it sat at his desk - that probably accurately describes most of us on most days :rofl:
Although I do also drink it on days I am trail biking, rock climbing, and plunging into waterfalls. I’ve never been to a paint party. But I now really want to :tada: