Huel clothing

I’m really looking forward to the new Huel clothing line. Here’s a sneak preview. It looks awesome*

*This shite is not really it.


Why not? Several people here have already asked for more variety. And people pay to make advertisement for the brand. If Huel is really clever the next new product will be some form of clothing.

I beleive Hunzas was referencing their cleverness

He was indeed. I think it’s a good idea, but I can only hope that for an extensive range they will not be branding it up too boldly. That will work in some instances but I think more subtle branding will be better. Not for me to tell 'em what to do, but I guess all will be clear on Tuesday.

the pictures they’ve put. on social media - the branding looks very discreet.

Yes it does, but I haven’t seen the whole range. It’s a bit like Gap. They have some bold branding and some more subtle stuff. While I’m not using them as a comparison, I think that may work well…but I guess they recently closed all their UK high street stores so maybe I’m wrong.

I think fashion icon and yacht party host @Tim_Huel is diametrically opposed to garish branding so let’s hope he had some input :slight_smile:

amazon started with books and now they offer virtually everything. They became what they are by extending their product range.

(yes, I know, the key idea was collecting and selling as much data on customers as possible, but this wasn’t the only aspect that lead to their breakthrough)

eeek, I’m glad you’re liking the look of it! We’re very excited. More information will be released soon.

It’s not my thing personally. I don’t think I identify with any brand enough to make myself their billboard, never have, but workout gear sounds good and people will buy it.

I’m really hoping for ethical/sustainable sourcing, using merino wool, hemp, bamboo etc rather than any Polyester or organic/natural cotton. Recycled material would be amazing as would green certification

Very curious which ‘workout essential’ will be £120 :thinking:

I doubt there will be wool as goes against the vegan ethic of the company.

I too was curious at that item for 120.

Ah yeah, forgot about that. So long as we can avoid poly-cottons I guess.

From what I read, it is made from organic cotton and recycled nylons.

You can read more here!

Love the clothing line, great work Huel on Vegan wear. Unfortunately it’s out of my price range but really nice looking line up.

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The problem with cotton is, that it bleaches out quite rapidly. Because of that I had to throw away the free stuff after a very short time. Black is a color that suffers most from bleaching out.

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