The next new product?

After so many new product launches in the last year I wonder what will come next.
The only category that has not been significantly extended yet is “accessories”.
As there are so many fans of the brand and the product here some “fan articles” might be a success, too. It seems that many see the brand as some sort of lifestyle or way of life, and some might also wish to express this.
For example with an extended clothing line that offers more choices than the current one.
This could also be combined with user contributions. You could start a design competition; this would be the first opportunity to let user take part in the creation process of a new product.

Amazon had a similar strategy. First they started with books, and now they offer almost everything. You don’t have to overdo it like they did. But you are a successfull company, and trying to introduce new product categories and allow for significant user participation could make you even more successfull than you are now.

Or what do you think?

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I’d like to see Huel branded condoms. Black and white versions, banana flavoured.


Why not cookies and cream?

Maybe they could tweak it. Cockies and cream!

Nutritionally complete soda :thinking:

I would never eat or drink anything else.

It does not seem to be nutritionally complete - otherwise you wouldn’t be that narrow-minded.

Love the thoughts, especially the idea of user contributions. We have been looking at ways to reward valuable customers with unique products, which is a similar idea. Love how keen you are for more clothing too @mbs, think you’ve mentioned it a few times. Can’t remember if I’ve asked, but what sort of garments would you like to see? Clothing is difficult, we probably wouldn’t want to just get generic blanks and print our logo on. Like our v2.0/2.1 t-shirt we would want it to be our own custom, unique design. That took us a long time too.

Here we go! Suddenly all you need to consume is Huel! We’ll get right on this one, that and Huel Beer.

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The trigger for this idea was reading about successfull companies, and amazon in general. They started with one type of product and gradually introduced new ones. The most important feature, though, were the user reviews. When customers feel they contribute to something or if they identify with a brand the buy a lot more. And If think Huel is a company with great potential to grow.
I actually would consider buying some stocks if you went public…

Zero calorie sirups would also be a great idea, sure. Maybe also with vitamins and minerals, or antioxidants like in BE. Or non-sweet flavour additions/concentrates. Or gum. There are so many possibilities. Especially so many low or even zero calorie options.

How about a snood Tim? I would love a branded one.

I’d really like to see Huel Complete Oats to either eat as instant hot porridge similar to Oat So Simple and if it could be made up as overnight oats with fat free yoghurt that would be a bonus?


pot noodles! Yeah, I know about H&S but it’s not really the same.
I’d love a guilt free noodle.


Send snoods.

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Some sort of ‘Huel max’ powder that delivers closer to 100% RDA of the nutrients in just one serving is something I’ve thought of before.

Oh and maybe some vegan meat product. Sausages or meatballs perhaps…they’re probably on my mind because I had some vegan meatballs at [store] the other day and they were delicious. Could cut them up and mix them in with Hot and Savoury too :wink:

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Sausages would have to compete with the taste of Richmonds vegan sausages for me. I love 'em.


Fizzy pop is poison. Nothing you do to it can make it good for you.

Keep them coming guys, loving the ideas! I also love the confidence you have in our amazing new product development team. Who knows what they can rustle up! :woman_cook: :man_cook:

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It’s funny because the meat sausages they do are apparently cheap and nasty but loads of vegans rave about the plant based ones. They sell so well they now do vegan friendly bacon.

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I haven’t tried any other Richmond vegan products yet. Will look out for the new ones.

Hi everyone.

New Hueligan joining. Glad to be on board as well :slight_smile:

I would love to see in the merch section:

  • a nice huel hoodie
  • huel stickers (e.g. to put it on my notebook)

Also, I’d enjoy something like a huel nutrition complete porridge. Would love that in addition to my huel black edition.