What Huel really looks like

When going to the webstore one can only see quite artificial pictures of an idealized product. The impression one gets is often wrong - especially for new customers I think.

So do you have close up pictures of your prepared Huel products, how they look in reality?
This would be interesting before ordering a new product, just to get an impression what it will look like.

I think this would help lots of other people (not only me)

Thank you in advance!

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Someone posted about they H&S (madras I think) a few days a go on Reddit - and the overwhelming response was that it looked like a bowl of vomit. Looks they’d added too much water. Should have sprinkled some chopped coriander on the top and submitted to Huel for a cover photo on the store.

You’re right, the pictures on reddit are mostly quite weird and have absolutely nothing to do with the product pictures from Huel as a company. The truth must be somewhere in between, and as most forum members seem to be very experienced and good in preparing Huel right I asked the question whether you could post such pictures.

The only thing I can prepare right is adding to scoops to some water in a mixer, and even then it gets lumpy sometimes.

What helped me was watching as many youtube reviews that I could find.

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If you can share the photos you mean I would be more than happy to pass this feedback onto our marketing team!

We do try to create videos of us preparing Huel so customers can see how Huel looks when we make it across Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube.

But I definitely encourage customers to share their Huel meals and would love to see a new thread dedicated to it, we could potentially share these images too (with consent!)

I have just made a Huel meal for lunch. This is how I make mine. You have my permission to share this masterpiece.


I don’t like to waste it, here I am using the bits that missed the mouth of the shaker as I scooped it in.



We can do that, of course. Maybe you even find new influencers that way.

Let’s see if it works; it won’t if people continue to share just mental garbage instead of pictures. But there are lots of other people here too, maybe some of them will write a more intelligent post soon.

Cheer up sweet cheeks


Isn’t that what most of your posts are?


What do you mean “most”?


Alright Tony Montana!

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Haha - classic movie.

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