Media review of Huel

How has he mixed it so poorly. Even I wouldn’t want to drink that.

Horrible self called journalist… if you are going to talk about something, study it before a little…

First of all Huel doesnt encourage to go full 100%.

He has mixed the Huel quite bad…

My bet is that he has recorded all the videos on a single day. He cant be that dumb to still making the same horrible mix on its third day on a full diet of Huel…

Its impossible that on the last day of his diet he hasnt still managed to get a proper Huel.

nothing ever surprises me these days at the levels of human stupidity :grinning:


Those local news sites are full of clickbait and bullshit. Surprisingly I am banned from my local one. I mean you go to the page and see this sort of thing about wiping your arse.

Wiping your arse with is possibly the only good thing local newspapers are for.


I do get a little frustrated with these reviews. I think overall this one is quite good though, but it does baffle me when people try Huel 100% for a week, say that it was really bad experience “but I can see it being used for convenience”. When, of course, that is the purpose of Huel. It sounds like Matthew did a bit of both though which is better.

My chicken was about to go off, so had to fashion it into a stir-fry, but this felt like the most manageable way of eating Huel. It provided all the good stuff, but I also had something to look forward to in the evening.

And good to see him appreciating where Huel is actually meant to be used!

This is where the purpose of the drink seemed to become most apparent. I was running out the door, as I always am, but for once I was able to quickly make something for lunch - stick it in my bag and it was there when most needed.

I’m intrigued by the importance he is putting on drinking Huel quickly, the convenience is from the ease of making it, not how quickly you can consume it!

in total it took 40 minutes to get through. A quick, convenient option? Didn’t seem like it.

Either way, thanks to Matthew for taking the time to write the article!