It's all about finding the right balance/recipe to enjoy Huel

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I wanted to share my experience with Huel, as it was by reading everyone else’s experiences and reviews that made me finally take the plunge and buy Huel.

It’s quite funny actually, I heard about Huel after attending a recording of Dave Gorman’s Modern Life is Goodish Season 4, (episode will be broadcasted on Dec 13th) where he kind of mocked the idea of replacing food with shake and missing the enjoyment of physically eating food.
Ironically, I actually thought it was an awesome idea, and always wished there was a way I could eat healthier without actually eating Salad and vegetables, which I can’t stand.

I was trying to put on weight as well, being a guy who’s always been skinny my whole life, I wanted to try and exercise to build muscle and be healthier of course. But I found that the amount of calories I had to consume to actually start putting on weight was around 4000 calories, which was really hard to do healthily, i.e no chocolate, sweets or sugary drinks. Just thinks like fish, chicken, beans, protein shakes, nuts, lots of milk. Anything that was high in calories and protein, but low in sugar.

Then when I looked into Huel and read all the bumf about it, it seemed like exactly what I had been looking for. I would keep 3 normal meals a day (was consuming 5 meals a day at that time), and just have 2 Huel shakes a day in-between.
I took a really really big gamble and ordered 8 weeks supply of it, totalling £144 (because it was much cheaper to buy it in bulk). Reviews had been generally positive about the taste, so I was optimistic.

The day arrived I was really excited to get started on Huel. So I made my first batch, 3 scoops in 500ml of water and shook it up in the Huel shaker. Then I took a swig of the bottle.
My heart sank! It was disgusting (for me, I know a lot of people like the taste, so don’t hate :stuck_out_tongue:)! I was like, "Oh crap, I’ve bought 8 weeks supply of this stuff, what am I going to do. It took me 30mins to drink the whole bottle, it was all lumpy and had a horrible oaty after taste.

I scoured the forums looking for ways to improve the taste. I didn’t want to add sugar to it, because that would defeat the whole purpose of being healthier. Someone suggested that blending it made it taste better (less lumpy) and, leaving it over night in the fridge helped get rid of the oaty after taste. Also to blend in a Banana to make it sweeter.
So I went out and bought a blender, added a banana and gave it a try. The taste was so much better. I thought to myself, it’s still not amazing, but I think I could actually drink this!

Then I tried using milk instead of water, which made the taste a lot better, and I actually enjoyed drinking it. I used 700ml of full fat milk, which brought the whole shake up to a total of 1000 calories! So I changed my diet to just having Breakfast and Dinner normal meals and having Lunch and Dinner 2 as Huel shakes, trying to get 1000 calories in for my actual meals as well.
I did this for about two weeks and not only put on just over half a stone (4kg) in weight, I also noticed my muscles growing a lot better as well.
I’ve now put on a total of a stone in weight (6kg) over the last month and have since removed the milk from the Huel shakes, but still kept the same meal structure, now consuming around 3500 calories a day to maintain and slightly trim my weight.

I also bought some of the chocolate flavouring, which is great, because it tastes nice but it doesn’t really add much calories or sugar to the shake, so it’s a win/win :slight_smile:!

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the Huel once I found the right balance/recipe. So if you’ve just bought Huel, and you find it not to your liking tastewise, have a play around with the recipe till it’s to your liking!

I should also note that I am a Supertaster, so my tastebuds are a lot more sensitive to taste than your average Joe. So if there are any Supertasters reading this, it might help them. And also if you are a fussy eater as well :stuck_out_tongue:!

Any Questions, feel free to ask!



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Good analysis. I was less than impressed with my first Huel meal, and took quite a while achieving my desired mix. Now I love it…the taste is great, the consistency perfect and although I occasionally add a flavour (normally from Myprotein) I am pretty happy with it as it comes.

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