Day 3. Thoughts so far

The taste is growing on me. From my first sip, I was not offended by its taste or texture. I felt a bit unsure if I could consume so much of it but now I don’t think about the taste. That is a good thing.

I cannot drink my serving quickly. I opt for having one Huel a day. 100g and 500ml of water. Works for me. I take a mouth full, then go back for it minutes later. It takes me around 45 minutes to drink the serving :slight_smile: I cannot understand why. In a way, I feel like drinking too much in one go would make me sick. As if it’s too much. I’m not too bothered about the time.
I keep it in a container with a lid so it follows me around and I drink it as I go.

Next, my appetite has changed. Again, is it me or is it the drink? I use HUEL for lunch only.
When I finish, I do feel like I’ve consumed a lot of cafienne but from what I can see there is no cafeinne in the powder?

I then have a few snacks and a meal in the evening which I struggle to eat all of.

My aim is to reduce how much I eat. Be in a maintainable deficit. So I should complain … not that I am!

Thanks for the comments Jodie! Great to have you on the team. Consuming your Huel over a longer period of time is good, it will likely keep you more full. Others like to drink theirs quite fast, but we’re all different, there’s no right or wrong way.

There’s no caffeine in the regular Huel Powder (Original, New and Improved, Unflavoured, Professional), but there is in our Coffee Huel Powder. However if the change to Huel for lunch reflects a significant nutritional improvement then increased energy is to be expected and is in line with many anecdotal reports of an improved diet.

All the best and keep us posted!