Caffeine and Huel

I’m planning to go 100% Huel from Sunday for 7 days to see how I get on. I’ve no issues with having a liquid food diet - I had an operation on my throat last year and couldn’t eat solids for nearly a month and it didn’t bother me at all.

My concern is caffeine withdrawal, I usually have a triple shot latte in the morning and matcha powder green tea at lunch time. Without these I’m worried I’ll get caffeine withdrawal and lack of energy at work.

Has anyone else had any experience of going caffeine free with Huel? Any harm in me mixing a few scoops of matcha powder in with my morning Huel?


I don’t know about matcha powder, but lots of people put a shot or two of coffee in their Huel. I do that quite often. Looking at it looks like matcha powder has hardly any calories (obviously that’s dependent on how much you put in!) so it’s not going to make a difference to that side of things so I’d give it a go.

To what some people have posted it seems that we shouldn’t be drinking coffee with huel as it prevents our body’s absorbing many of the vitamins and minerals (something to do with its half life of around 3-7hours)
I myself have stopped drinking coffee (I only drank 2-3cups at a push) only because I haven’t felt the need for them.
Huel seems to give you more energy just and feel better.

Hi - are you using Huel already?

I wouldn’t go stright into 100% Huel: try one serving per day for 2-3 days, 2 for 2-3 days, etc - build up.

This may be an idea with caffeine too - wean yourself down to off.