Can't sleep?

Hi all , I started on my Huel journey on Thursday last week , since then I have been feeling great , but not able to wind down , I have been caffeine free for over 12 months due to palpitations, can’t see on packaging if this product contains caffeine? Does anyone know ?

Its the amphetamines that helps everyone lose weight (and teeth).

Actually no. There is no caffeine (or speed) in it…unless you add the matcha flavour or coffee etc.


Thank you ! I have felt full of energy , only been having one 350 cal huel then a main meal at tea time ,with pud :grin:, snacking on fruit the rest of the time , going to keep this up for a week then will try a week of just huel and fruit for snacking , hoping to lose a stone :muscle: Feeling great so far !

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