Considering my first purchase

Hi everyone
I recently found out about Huel and I’m considering trying it to help with some weight loss.
Ive not been able to exercise much over the last year due to breaking a lot of bones in an accident.
Im looking to use the product as a breakfast/lunch replacement and have an evening meal as normal.
Do people that exercise regularly suffer from any type of additional tiredness due to the lack of solid foods? I work shifts, so exercise before and after work. My job is very safety critical and additional tiredness would not be good.

Thanks for your help


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I train 4 morns a week before work, and once at wkend. If anything I have found huel to help my energy levels. I think as long as you are getting enough calories overall…
Though my work is primarily office based with a lot of travel ( h&s advisor)


I started on Huel at the same time as upping my exercise levels considerably. Huel gave me much more energy.

Thanks for the responses. Ive ordered a few bags to give it ago.
Im still not able to exercise atm due to still being in plaster. Hopefully i can get my body used to it before I’m exercising again

Good luck.