Hi fellow Hueler’s

Just back on huel this last week after being off and on it…

Since being consistent again I feel so wide awake and full of energy as in no afternoon slumps. This is despite the fact I am up before 5 every morning gym crossfit and work and sometimes don’t get to bed til 22.30!

Anyone else feel they have more energy?

K xx


Yes I do, and I am only replacing Huel in the mornings so far…

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This isnt necessarily the “magic” of huel, it is you not eating shitty food anymore.

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Well to be honest I have never really eaten rubbish food i would have eggs/salmon in a morning and humous/ salad / protein for lunch…

I think its the added vitamins and minerals that I was most probably missing…as I definitely feel a difference.

K x


Great to hear you’re feeling more energised for your busy morning routine! 5am? I didn’t even realise that time existed…


Hi K17,

I’m also finding improved energy levels - and I definitely did not eat properly pre-Huel! (Honestly, not eating that well now (biscuits are my downfall) but at least a lot better!). Vitamin intake is probably a part of it as well.

I am doing a lot more physical training than previously, and I suspect that the movement and activity helps - the combination seems to be doing wonders.

And as for you, Tim…5am certainly does exist; we just wish that it didn’t.

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Ahhh thnks for the reply! Yeah! a 5 am person! :smile:

Yes I have 7kg to lose so i am hoping this does the trick…

I find i still need the odd snack as hunger does strike when it’s not even lunch :see_no_evil:

Look forward to seeing how we go over next few weeks :grinning:

K x

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I am toying with the idea of just doing 2 scoops (breakfast and lunch) as I seem to get hungry anyway with 3.

If I reduce the scoops I may be able to eat more healthy snacks and feel fuller longer…

I may experiment…

K x

whats your normal meal plan?

Perhaps the energy boost is because Huel has more carbohydrates in it.

I haven’t noticed any difference whatsoever in energy levels. My previous breakfast was muesli, quark and a protein shake, which is not terribly different nutritionally from Huel though.

Hi ryanhellyer,

Yes you may be right re the carbs side of things.

due to calories I have reduced to 2 scoops breakfast and lunch as feel hungry with 3 anyway so can allow myself a healthy snack such as eggs or a bit of fish…

It’s all trial and error…