Huel and insomnia


I’ve just started using Huel once a day to replace lunch, and whilst I feel full of energy to be able to do sport after work, I’ve found that literally in the past few days of using Huel I have not slept at all and have literally been wide awake all night. Has anyone else had this experience? I’m wondering if there’s an ingredient that I’m reacting to and is keeping me awake. (Prior to using Huel my sleep was fine)


Are you using any of the flavours which have caffeine?


Are you having enough calories in your lunchtime Huel to replace your normal lunch? Sometimes I find that I don’t sleep very well, if I am trying to lose weight and my calorie level is rather low.


Hi, no flavours, just unflavoured.


I think so. I usually just have a salad and rice cakes, so Huel is probably higher in calories if anything. Plus I’m exercising as well, so really i should be exhausted and feeling sleepy!


That’s rather strange, I hope it gets better for you soon!


Been using Vanilla for years and not experienced this, sorry.


These symptoms are good as far as you’re feeling ok awake. Regular workout should help you. The supplement gives you too much energy and you need to find some use for it. If it won’t help and if you have some stress issues on the top of that. I would recommend you to try some induction hypnosis. It was extremely helpful for me in my day, even when the sport didn’t help the hypnosis did the job well enough. Here’s the link I enjoyed the female narrator there.
Hope that it’ll work for you.