Guys what do you think about this article's criticism of huel?

It’s 3 years old?

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Can’t 3 year olds have an opinion. I was at a gig last night. Bob Vylan. A 12 year old was there and he interviewed them for his fanzine. Then today he was on Craig Charles trunk if punk. I thought I was th king of punk…he usurped me.

But yeah. That article’s bollix

Are the points no longer valid then?

The points aren’t invalid, just nothing new. “Huel is fine but a normal meal would probably be better” Is not a very groundbreaking opinion.

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Why is it bollix?

Fair enough

It’s outdated and not relevant to where Huel is now.

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Could you explain what has changed?

There have been numerous changes to the nutritional profile of the powders and rtds. New products that have been added to the range for variety and to stop taste fatigue if that’s even a thing.

The products taste better now for most people.

Hey Liam, welcome to the Huel forum. We’ve discussed this article a few times before so you might be interested in reading these threads:

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