Soylent critique

I came across this article:
Eat Real Food – Not Soylent 2.0

Does this make sense ?
Does it apply to Huel ?

It doesn’t look like the author has any relevant qualifications. Further, their first complaint is that the content of Soylent is comparable to that of animal feed, which is quite meaningless really. Of course they are comparable, we are both carbon based life forms.

Maybe they have some good points, but with that first impression I’m not going to waste my time hunting for them.


Most of the critiques are about Soylent specifically, not Huel. If you would like me to go through 1 by 1 and compare them to Huel I can do, but since a lot of it is related to Soylent, it won’t be applicable to us.

There is a thread on the Soylent forums though discussing this topic

There was a post on Huel forums regarding this earlier:

I think he makes some very valid points, but as Gulliver said, most of them relate specifically to Soylent.

I don’t like his stance regarding fast food, though. Soylent has definitely got to be far better than most fast food. As for hygiene in fast food companies, I’ve read about some truly shocking things. Here is one article I found: